Valerie Ntantu foto kopie

Valérie Ntantu, a 1993-kid, is a freelance Fashion Stylist / Editor / Producer / Creative. Long story short: an Allround Media Professional, as they say. She started her own business after completing her Bachelor degree with honor. She studied Media, Information and Communication (direction: Edit & Media Production) at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. With the predictable and in a way original brand name Valérie Ntantu (don’t pronounce the N, just say: tan-toe), she is creating beautiful things through fashion styling, writing articles and producing lifestyle projects.

On this website I show you a small selection of my work.
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Fashion stylists I assist(ed):
Anna Sokolowska, Anouk van Griensven, Marjolein Mos and Simone Dernee.

See here the clients I work for.